5 Popular Items To Take Home From Bali

Bali, the so called island of the gods, is a perfect getaway for couples, friends, and family travelers. Aside from its beautiful landscapes, amazing beaches, and rich culture, tourists also love shopping for exotic handicrafts. You get to choose from a wide variety of gift items.

Your trip to Bali wouldn’t be worth it without taking home something to preserve your memory of the spectacular destination. What’s more, because of bargains, you can also bring some for your friends!  Check the following Bali travel tips and advice in choosing a souvenir.

1. Surf board. Because beaches in the island are great for surfing, affordable lessons are available for tourists. That said, you can also get pretty good deals on boards. Even if you haven’t learned anything at all, you can buy one to take home with you and look like you can!

2. Sarongs. Well-known for its many uses, sarongs is definitely worth buying. You may use it to cover your head when entering temples, wear it as a dress, tie it around your waist, and even as a beach towel. They have countless colors that you can choose from!

3. Wooden crafts. Cute wooden handicrafts are famous among tourists, as well as a variety of room decorations. These products are a mainstay for local Balinese. You can choose from photo frames, key chains, sandals, and other wooden accessories, in affordable prices.

4. Fashion items. The island is also sought-after for its unique fashion jewelries and accessories, with creative designs. Balinese traders even use high quality metals to make them. You can take home belts, bracelets, purses, sequined bags, and earring to name a few.

5. Food items. There are numerous good quality food items you can carry with you back home. Bean Bali, Koro and salted peanuts known as ‘rempeyek’, are popular among tourists. What about Bali spice sauces, which are made using natural ingredients with no preservatives?

As much as there are a lot of things to do and see in Bali, there are also lots of areas where tourists can shop for gifts and souvenirs of their choice. Make gift and souvenir shopping in Bali an enjoyable experience! Bag tons of worth it bargains!

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