The Hidden Side of Bali: 3 Places Unveiled!

You probably heard your colleagues speaking about an island filled with breathtaking sceneries, enchanting beaches and countless one-of-a-kind destinations. Yes, it’s definitely Bali! But maybe, what you’ve heard from them is just a small piece of what truly this island has.

Tourist attractions in Bali Indonesia have definitely reached the zenith of “travellers’ list of must visit places.” But in spite of it, there are still other places lurking in some Balinese’ secret list! Why? It’s protected! Hence, it’s called secret!

But not for today. Here are 3 places in Bali you probably never heard of:

1. The Fortress of Bali Asli

Located in the Karangasem Countryside, Bali Asli – a brilliant cooking school  stands still to offer the most extraordinary experiences for everyone. These experiences aren’t the ones that you’ve probably did before. Guess what?

Bali Asli let their guests experience something they’ll never forget like ‘A day in the life of a fisherman’ and ‘A day in the life of a Balinese Woman.’ These privileges let their people feel an authentic experience of trying what the locals usually do.

For instance, you can learn to plough rice with a cow, prepare Canang traditional flower offerings, or prepare any luscious authentic Balinese meal. Of course, the stunning sceneries like views of volcanoes are also counted!

2. Off to “Menjangan Island!”

In North West Bali, lies an astonishing underwater paradise – Menjangan Island. Menjangan means “Deer” in Indonesia. The name was given due to the herd of wild deer swimming to the island every spring.

Most tourists claim that the water here is serene, making it a perfect place for those who want tranquility. To surprise you more, Menjangan is also considered an ideal spot for snorkeling! So, if you’re heading to this hidden paradise, prepare for some snorkeling adventure!

Menjangan is also a significant part of Bali Barat National Park.

3. See the Dolphins at the Black Sand “Lovina Beach !”

Lovina beach became popular due to the volcanic black sand covering. It’s not like any other Bali beaches where you can spend your night partying. Here, it’s more into serenity and natural beauty.

But what others probably don’t know are the “dolphins!” You can take a boat ride out to witness a breathtaking view of them. Watching these creatures swim and frolic in the seas is surely a pleasure for everyone.

What do you think?

These places are some of Bali’s hidden treasures. They’re usually underrated, maybe because of other numerous popular places in Bali. But here in Bali Tourism Board, as long it’s in Bali, you’ll find it here!

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