Hungry In Bali? Here’s A Peek At The Island’s Top Restaurants

Of the popular tourist destinations on the planet, the island of Bali is perhaps one of the places experiencing a very rapid growth. With so much happening in the Island of the Gods (new hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants popping up everywhere), first time visitors will perhaps find the wide array of choices quite dizzying. To simplify your dining options, here’s a peek at a few of Bali’s top culinary haunts.


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Located in Seminyak, Sarong is a very popular Asian cuisine restaurant and one of the top tourist attractions in Bali Indonesia. Guests can choose to dine in two dining pavilions – an informal dining area next to the bar and an outdoor lounge.

This restaurant is open on evenings only, and seats 142 people. Guests should call to book in advance, although walk-in customers can still be accommodated in the lounge area, with its relaxing, stylish open air environment.

Nebula Room

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Hidden amidst the hustle of Kuta, Nebula Room is a restaurant and bar that mixes exotic Asian tastes with unique European influences. It also serves beers, cocktails and premium liquor, and seats a total of 150 guests (along with an extra 20 more at the rooftop). It’s Kuta’s newest dining and drinking hub, and just a few meters away from the famous Kuta Beach.

Naughty Nuri’s Warung

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If you’re craving for truly tasty barbecue ribs and other grilled delights, Naughty Nuri’s Warung is the place to go. It was previously based in Ubud, although there’s a new branch in Batu Belig.

The restaurant features a fun and enticing party atmosphere, where you’ll not just feast on Western-style BBQ dishes, but you can also have your fill of martinis, beers and other liquor delights.

Motel Mexicola

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If you think the Motel Mexicola (in Semanyak) is your typical Mexican restaurant (or worse a motel), think again. Once you enter the place, you’ll feel like you just got warped into a different time zone (that’s the 60’s), or perhaps you’ll think you’re in Miami Beach. Here, you can have your fill of truly tasty nachos, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, aguachile and more (plus lots of beer and tequilas).


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Have you ever thought of fine dining in the middle of a rice field? Come to Sardine in Semanyak. This elegant restaurant is housed in a large bamboo structure which overlooks rice paddies. You can choose to sit on a stylish and convenient lounge area that’s next to a pond filled with white koi carp.

The food choices are mostly organic greens and fish (including locally-made sardines of course) and served with exotic arak cocktails. What’s great is that half of the restaurant’s area is actually a working rice paddy, which makes it so peculiar.

For more information on the best restaurants in Bali, visit a Bali tourism board and find those that can perfectly suit your interest.

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