3 Of The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Denpasar, Bali

The city of Denpasar is the first stop for all tourists who visit Bali, Indonesia. However, many just spend a few minutes here (and most of that would be in the airport), before heading to the different hotels and beach resorts. What many don’t know is, said city also has its share of notable tourist attractions, from temples to museums, markets and restaurants. So, the next time you come to Bali, take some time to check out these great places of interest in Denpasar.

Maospahit Temple

The Pura Maospahit, or the Maospahit Temple, is an ancient temple that has a long and colorful history that dates back to the 14th century. It saw its peak during the Majapahit period. Made using red brick, the temple was badly damaged by an earthquake in 1917. As one of the major tourist attractions in Bali Indonesia, this temple continues to be frequented by locals.

The Pura Maospahit has an image of Garuda, a large bird that was the favorite of Lord Vishnu. Visitors to the temple will see a colorful image of Betara Bay, the son of the Wind God, which is popularly featured in puppet shows around the island.

Jagatnatha Temple

The Jaganatha Temple, the largest in the city, is often frequented by Balinese Hindus. It was built in 1953, in honor of the supreme god Sanghyang Widi. This structure is designed with lots of ornate religious and artistic ornaments.

Two major Hindu festivals are held here every month, especially during the full moon and new moon, where visitors are treated to a regular “wayang kulit” or leather shadow puppet performances.

The Bali Museum

The Bali Museum offers visitors a truly comprehensive look into all things Balinese, both from a historical and modern-day perspective. Divided into four pavilions, it’s the main pavilion that houses a wonderful collection of ancient stones, bronze and wooden artifacts.

The southern pavilion has a collection of different local textiles, while the northern pavilion features the history of Balinese performance art. The central pavilion features Balinese Hinduism practices and rituals.

Denpasar may be sprawling and hectic, but, it also has a lot of very interesting attractions. While modern shopping malls abound here, many tourists still prefer visiting the city’s side streets, and stopping by the authentic and truly lovely restaurants, cafes and food stalls. Bali Tourism Board and other assistance centers provide the needed info about the rest of the island.

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