Moving Past Bali Indonesia Hotels Resorts – 5 Places to Avoid Tourist Traps

Bali beach, see shore and boats
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Tropical vacations are something many people look forward to, especially when having 4 seasons means that there usually isn’t enough time to really enjoy the sun. That’s why, say, South-east Asia sees a large number of tourists every year. With the many beaches and the warm weather, who can resist at least a weekend trip to this desirable destination?

Many places have risen to the occasion, given the number of Bali Indonesia hotels resorts, for example, that had sprung up over time. But then, you want to be able to enjoy your vacation, not to fight for space with other tourists. So, are there any places off the beaten track that you’ll enjoy as much?

  1. Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar. This chain of islands has just two hotels, since not too many tourists tend to visit. You can kayak on relatively uncharted waters, or just go swimming. Just don’t stray too far from shore. You don’t know how deep the water can get.

  2. Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. Escape the heat by heading to this hill station, which, for all its popularity, doesn’t host as large a volume of tourists. Maybe the tourists who find it popular are those who love tea, because you can tour an authentic tea factory here. You can also sip a cup of freshly brewed tea, too, while observing the green landscape.

  3. Koh Kood, Thailand. If you’re looking to get away from bars, night clubs, and other loud and rowdy places, Koh Kood is just the place for you. Even with the roads that have been built recently, you’ll find most of the greenery intact. Tourist-free monasteries abound, as do cool and beautiful-to-look-at waterfalls.

  4. Ko Rong Island, Cambodia. While it still boasts one of the most beautiful beaches anywhere, there are considerably more visitors to this tropical destination. However, it’s never too late to visit it. The beach stretches for about 8 kilometers, with stunning white sand, lovely coral reefs, and a lush jungle backdrop behind it all.

  5. Kuta, Indonesia. Not to be confused with its namesake in Bali – undoubtedly the latter has already been advertised in a Bali tourism board. This laid-back surfing village in Lombok is just the ticket if you just want to work on your tan, swim, and maybe surf.

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