The Must-See Charms Of Lovely Sanur, Bali

The different districts of Bali, Sanur is well-known for having the “first tourist resort in Bali”. The name of the place is derived from two Indonesian words “Saha’ and”Nuhu” which literally mean “the passion to visit”. And if Kuta and Jimbaran are famed for their dramatic sunsets, Sanur is famous for its glorious sunrises and long stretches of beautiful sandy beaches. The area has a healthy sprinkling of plush hotels and market stalls, restaurants, and other exciting outdoor activities. Here’s a peek at the must-see lovely charms of Sanur.

Griya Santrian Gallery

One of the best things to do and see in Bali, as well as in Sanur, includes a visit to the Griya Santrian Gallery. Located within the Griya Santrian Boutique Hotel, the open-air art gallery is host to book launches, art exhibitions, workshops and other art-related activities involving local and international artists.

It’s also one of the most reputable galleries in Bali, as it features various sculptures, painting and carvings from artists who do classical styles of art. Among the notable artists whose art works were featured here include Auw Kok Heng, Ni Nyoman, Syahrizal Koto, Le Mayeur de Mempres and Sujana.

The Beaches Of Sanur 

With a long and lovely 8-kilometer coastline from north to south, visitors will enjoy several notable beaches in Sanur. A paved footpath connects joggers and hiker from the coastal border of the Gianyar regency to the mangrove forests of southern Denpasar.  This makes the whole coastline a perfect place to jog or ride a bicycle any time of the day.

According to frequent visitors, two areas of the beach are hailed as the most pleasant – the area towards the center nears the Bali Hyatt and north to The Shack, and in the northern end near the Inna Grand Hotel. Overall, the beaches of Sanur are perfect for family outings and other adventure activities, and offer lots of shade, good swimming, as well as good reef surfing, and it’s only 30 to 45 minutes away from Kuta!

The Le Mayeur Museum

Tucked right on the main Sanur beach of Sindhum, behind the long line of art and souvenir stalls, Le Mayeur Museum is home to the artworks and personal history of Brussels-born artist Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur. Le Mayeur was so impressed by the beauty and tranquility of the shores of Sanur (and the sweet charms of its women), that he decided to stay here and marry a Legong dancer named Ni Pollok (who is extensively featured in his oil paintings).

The museum has five rooms, with the main building designed with classical Balinese elements, sculpted walls and red terrazzo floor tiles (and previously served as the couple’s living quarters).

Sanur is also home to a wonderful array of Bali Indonesia Hotels Resorts. From the luxurious five-star Sanur Beach Resort to the Mercure, Puri Santrian, the Inna Grand Bali Beach and a sprinkling of 3 and 4-star hotels, villas, bungalows and even nice home-stays!

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