5 Important Things to Remember When Visiting Bali

Bali has been a long time tourist destination since time immemorial. It’s a tropical island basked everyday with natural beauty, gorgeous resorts and white beaches. In fact, Elizabeth Gilbert’s book entitled “Eat, Pray, Love” has put Bali on the globe as a solo gal’s romantic getaway. 

Despite the usual “things to do and see in Bali” which you often hear and read, this island has a lot to offer. You can dress up in accommodations and still have grand experience. The spirit of Bali is immersed in daily tradition of accustomed dress, flower offerings, pavilion homes and ornate rituals.
So, before you book that flight to Bali, here are five important things to remember. 

Don’t Forget About Souvenirs

Unlike other islands in Indonesia, Bali has strong craftsman’s demeanor. From wooden fixtures to giant stone-carved sculptures, the island’s best souvenirs are its offering on artistry and affordable value. Moreover, the Balinese are so good when it comes to both stone and wood carving.

Internet Connection Is Available, But Not Always Free

Although this one should not be that essential especially during vacation, there are times that Internet connection is a must – posting pictures in social media sites or emailing someone. Anyway, don’t fret as WiFi is available in most areas in Bali. However, situations like when your guesthouse doesn’t offer it, you will be required to go to cafes or restaurants, usually with purchase or something. 

Rent a Motorbike

If you want to sightsee Bali in the best and enjoyable way, then rent a motorbike. Motorbike driving is mellow, and it allows you freedom to visit the countryside. In Ubud, the rent usually cost around $6-$10/day. Well, why don’t you do yourself a favor and rent a motorbike!

Try Krupuk – The Street Snack

Krupuk is the name of Bali’s deep-fried rice sugar, and this can be too addicting. You can find a lot of them being sold on the streets. But, hey, they’re cheap and can get you over until your next meal. 

Don’t Like Motorbikes? Go With Taxis or Bemos

Ways to get around Bali Indonesia hotels resorts can be limited, but you do have options – bemo or taxi, if you won’t go with motorbike. They are the cheapest form of transportation in the island. You’ll definitely enjoy the sightseeing while on your way to your destination.

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