3 Activities to Try for the First Time Bali Tourists

The numerous activities you could do in Bali, Indonesia will blow the minds of new visitors and long-time travelers. Bali is known to be deeply both spiritual and fun. Though Indonesia isn’t made up only of Bali, but first-timers can say it’s the first thing that comes to mind whenever Indonesia is mentioned.

For a first timer, deciding on what activities to do can sometimes be frustrating. If you’re staying only for a short while, you can let loose, stay fit, and explore. In fact, there are a lot of things to do and see in Bali for first timers like you. It’s only a matter of how you plan your stay there efficiently.

Here are some activities you could do:


There are a lot of places to dive in Bali. However, the best diving spot you could try out is in Tulamben. Here, you can see a shipwreck underwater that’s just 10-15 meters away from the beach. If diving isn’t you cup of tea, however, you could always do some snorkeling and a bit of free diving.


In Bali, you have two choices for mountain climbing; it can either be climb mount Batur or mount Agung. People usually hike these mountains before dawn so they could see the sunrise from the peak. You may think Bali is more on the tropical side with its beaches did you? Bali can also give you sights such as these.


Taro’s Elephant Safari Park is world renowned as the world’s best elephant park and it’s a must visit place for the first timers like you.

The park features amazing day trips that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and see these creatures up close. You can even ride these creatures and feed them with your own hands.

There’s also a museum you could visit, a buffet restaurant overlooking the lake, and a luxurious safari-styled lodge for extended stays.

These are just some of the activities you could do at some of the tourist attractions in Bali, Indonesia. There are a lot of them to be mentioned in one article. However, if you want to try them all, you can freely explore and experience what Bali has to offer you, a first time tourist.

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